Thursday, March 20, 2008

Learning to Live Healthy

Well I have been wanting to start this blog to share my progress with me new adventure of getting healthy and teaching my kids to eat healthy. Jan from twopeas accually inspired me to finally start this. I will occasionally post recipes that I believe are worthy of sharing with others. and talk about my long road ahead. I have been trying to loose weight for the last 3 years since my daughter Natalie was born. I have instead gain more and more. Now at my last doctors visit, I found that my cholesterol is high and my triglycerides are also elevated. So are the liver enzymes (I take way to many Tylenol).

I'm going to try to update my blog and use it as my urnal tool to journal what I eat and how I have change my bad eating and exercising habits.

Also, must of the time I will be typing with a 3 year old on my laps.

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