Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Not loosing much weight

This week I did not loose but 14oz. I wonder why, maybe it was those 4 cups of pure sugar punch I had at the baby shower (Lime sherbet, lime concentrated, sprite & pineapple juice), or maybe the 1/2 bottle of red wine I had at my friends party, Friday night. Or that wonderful Margarita on the Rocks with fufu de platano (mofongo or plantains boil/fried I boiled mine, fresh pork rinds, garlic, onions, limes and pork fat--I used butter---YUMMY, YUMMY) I had in my house, Sunday afternoon. So after all that I should be more than thankful that I still lost almost 1lb. But I'm totally depress and so upset with myself for doing that to my body. This week I will be good and continue eat healthy. Did I tell you my tommy was not feeling too good Sunday night wonder why.

I hope no one calls me for any thing this weekend.

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Pat said...

Hang in there Diana you will do it!